Here's the thing: I detest domestic violence with a passion. But when a beautiful woman gets turned on by bondage, by pain, I will gladly oblige her. This is for her, wherever she may be.
  • the-dark-basement:

    Too many men who claim to be dominants forget or ignore this simple statement. She is your sub, your little, your baby girl. She needs aftercare, she needs to feel loved, and she above all needs you to be her caretaker and protector.

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  • sadisticgames:

    When I give you a reading assignment I expect you to finish it. 

    Now you will read it aloud while I use you for My pleasure. 

    Keep reading though, because every time you stop, I stop.

    Every time I stop that earns you five.

    That could be five swats with the crop. 

    Five days without orgasm.

    Five minutes bound painfully.

    I may even split them up. 

    Did you lose your place already? 

    Well, that’s the first five then…. 

    Now, start over. 

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  • theunicornkittenkween:


    Such Pink, Very Bondage, So wow.

    <3 <3 <3